about us

who are we?

Hi! We are so glad you found your way here. 

Niyodo Adventure is owned by us, Norihiro and Zoé. We are a Japanadian couple passionate about the outdoors and we would be so stoked to show you guys around our little bit of paradise.

What inspired us to start Niyodo Adventure is to see the Nakatsu gorge and the Niyodo river. We thought : " Someone should start a company here! It's so beautiful and easy to access! ''. And so we did. 

With more than 10 years experience on and in the water, you are in good hands! You could have spotted Hiro working in the last 7 summers at Happy Raft rafting the Yoshinoriver. And you could have also seen him at one of the following:


Rangitata Rafts, Peel Forest, New Zealand

Canyons, Minakami, Japan

Wet n' Wild, Rotorua, New Zealand

Reo Rafting, BC, Canada

Raging Thunder, Cairns, Australia

GTDS Scuba Diving, Guam, USA

ECO guide, Okinawa, Japan

NZRA Grade 4-5 Senior License

IRA Grade 4-5 License

RAJ Senior License

CIC Module 1-2

Int Wilderness Advanced First Aid 


what about the area?

Niyodo blue is a famous destination amongst travellers and locals. Its bright blue color and clarity is stunning and definitely a must-see for any one coming to Japan to explore outdoor sceneries. But, let's not forget about the Nakatsu Canyon, which connects to the mighty river mentioned above. The canyon was not accessible before but now has waking tracks and has undeniable beauty. You can see more of the Canyon here. It is also easy to access the Kamiyakawa river and to Doi River from our base. We are offering trips on these river when the water level is favorable. 

Newly opened MUKAI micro brewery. Click here for more information.


Yunomori, Onsen and Hotel. Click here for more information.


Shimonanosato guesthouse. Click here for more information.

20 minutes away by car from the Mt. Yokokura trekking course​​​

activities at shimona no sato

soba making workshop

mochi making workshop

konnyaku making workshop

and more...

what is canyoning with us?

Canyoning is the sport of travelling through canyons. Our trips include :

- Abseiling;

- Cliff jumping;

- Swimming in the canyon's water flows;

- Waterfall sliding;

what is pack-rafting with us?

A pack-raft is an inflatable kayak. It is much more stable and way easier to carry. Our pack-rafting trips require participants to control their own boat ( 1 person per boat ). We go through grade 2 sections and we do go to a few rapids. But *you do not need to have prior kayaking experience* - You must, however, know how to swim and be comfortable in the water. Flips do happen but in a safe environment.  

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