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Your acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined are required to process your reservation.

Minimum age

There is a 13 years of age minimum on all our trips. 

13 to 15 years old guests must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardians.

16 to 19 years old guests are required to provide a signed letter allowing them to participate in the activity.

health conditions

If you are unable to swim, of poor physical health or have any medical / heart conditions which you may feel impact your ability to raft, paddle, follow instruction or swim, these must be disclosed to staff prior to departure. Any guest deemed unable to participate in the activity will receive back the cost of the activity. Any intoxicated guest will not be allowed on the trip.

Cancellation policy

Our trips are weather dependent. If we deem the conditions to be dangerous and cancel a trip, guests will be fully refunded or allowed to book another trip. If you must cancel an activity that has been booked, cancellation policies are the following:

-7 days prior : 100% refund                          -1 day prior : 50% refund

-2 to 7 days prior : 70% refund                      

-Same day cancellations will not be refunded. 

minimum pax requirement

Minimum PAX requirement for a trip is 1 person.

weather dependent availability

Our activities are weather dependent. If we deem the conditions to be too dangerous to proceed with our trip, you will either be fully refunded or have the possibility to book another trip. This decision will be yours. 

waiver form required prior to departure

Everyone participating in any activities we offer will be required to fill a waiver for prior to departure. Information collected with this said waiver form must be truthful. If it is not the case, we will not be held responsible in case of accidents.

shuttle availability

We do offer complimentary pick up from Sakawa station. In the case you would require a pick up from Kochi Station, Kochi port or Kochi airport, additional fees will be charged. The availability of the shuttle depends on the season and time of day. It is a possibility that shuttle services will not be available everyday. Please do send us a request and, upon confirmation, be assured we will meet you.

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