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Trips meeting is twice daily 8:45 and 13:15

Come with us in on an Adventure! Our Canyoning guide will take you to remote places unreachable from the hiking course. The best way to experience the mighty Niyodo Blue in the Nakatsu Gorge by far!

This trip includes around 2 to 2:30 hours in the canyon. With opportunities to jump in the water, absail down cliffs ,take photos, videos and admire the stunning nature.

This place is truly special. You will feel immersed in an untouched environment.

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What do I need to bring?

You only need to bring your swimsuit and your towel.

We provide all the equipment to make sure that this trip is safe and as warm as possible.

what if i get scared?

You can easily skip some parts if you feel nervous.

this trip is 8500

There are 2 trips daily departing at 8:45 and 13:45

中津渓谷キャニオニング 仁淀川アクティビティ

this tour is

free photos

 basic skills

8500 yen




bring towel


& swimsuit

meeting time

see above

minimum age


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