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coming soon

tours only available in the morning - start time will change with the season

Calling all adventure seekers! Embark on our thrilling tour, beginning with a 20-meter waterfall abseil offering breathtaking views of Yasui Valley's crystal blue waters. Navigate through pools, cliff jumping spots, and fun slides.

Join us on this 4 hour tour in what will be without a doubt the highlight of your trip in Shikoku.

While enjoyable year-round, this tour shines in autumn amidst the vibrant foliage. As temperatures drop, inflatable boats are available, ensuring you can continue to immerse yourself in nature while staying cozy.

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What do I need to bring?

You only need to bring your swimsuit and your towel.

We provide all the equipment to make sure that this trip is safe and as warm as possible.

what if i get scared?

This activity does include a 20 meters waterfall so be aware that this is only for people who want a challenge.

this trip is 12,000

There is only a morning tour departing at 8:30 am

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