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  best adventure outdoor tours and activity in kochi shikoku 

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3 hours 

Experience our signature canyoning tour:

unforgettable adventures await!

Delve into the untouched beauty of Nakatsu Canyon, accessible exclusively through our guided tours. Prepare for an exhilarating journey featuring abseiling, cliff jumping, and exploration beneath cascading waterfalls.

Discover the untouched splendor of this hidden gem, creating unforgettable memories that will undoubtedly be the highlight of your holiday. Book your adventure now!

niyodo packrafting

3 hours

Experience the ultimate adventure with packrafting on the famous Niyodo Blue river!

Discover the unparalleled beauty of the Niyodo Blue River like never before with our exhilarating packrafting tour. Navigate your own boat through thrilling grade 2 rapids while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Embark on an unforgettable journey featuring whitewater packrafting, daring cliff jumps, and complimentary photos to capture every moment.

Our small group tours allow for personalized experiences, so you can customize your trip. Book your packrafting adventure today!

6 hours 

Looking for a unique holiday activity with friends?

Try our sauna tent rental! Experience the ultimate relaxation by renting a sauna tent for your group!

Set against the backdrop of Japan's clearest waters, unwind riverside for up to 6 hours with our fully-equipped sauna tent.

Indulge in complimentary essential oils, comfortable chairs, and the cozy confines of the tent. Book your sauna tent rental today for a rejuvenating holiday experience like no other!


3 hours

Looking for family-friendly outdoor fun in Kochi? Try Our private packrafting and rafting tour!

Travelling with kids under 13? No problem! Our family tour is tailored just for you. Join our English-speaking, fully trained guides for an unforgettable adventure that combines packrafting and rafting in the stunning Kochi area.

Create lasting memories as you explore nature safely and enjoyably. Older kids and parents can opt for individual inflatable kayaks, while younger ones can join the rafting boat or ride with a parent.

Suitable for ages 4 and up, this experience promises excitement for the whole family.

Book your family adventure today!

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q. What should I bring?

A. For all of our tours, you only need to bring your swimsuit and towel. If you wish to use your own waterproof camera (e.g. GoPro) we have mounts on some helmets.

q. can I pay with a credit card?

A. You can pay with your credit card when you book the tour in our booking system linked above. If you would like to pay cash at the premises, please book directly with us through email or phone.

q. what if it rains?

A. We operate on a 'cutoff' system. The rain itself will not prevent a tour from happening but if the river's water levels rise too high, the tour might have to be cancelled or changed for rafting tour. We will contact you if this happens.

q. what skills do I need?

A. You will need basic swimming skills for all our tours except family tours. Our packrafting and canyoning tours are designed for first timers but keep in mind that it can be challenging! If you are worried, do not hesitate to reach out.


My teenaged daughter and I had a fantastic introduction to canyoning and the beautiful Nakatsu Gorge with Niyodo Adventure! Hiro was a terrific guide and made sure everyone in the group had a great experience. He was also careful to always repeat whatever he'd said in English for the two of us.The route offers the perfect mix of activities --a variety of jumps, slides and climbs up/down/through clear blue pools and waterfalls (including possible adjustments for the less-brave).The scenery in the gorge is stunning and the water was perfectly refreshing.Niyodogawa was a convenient day trip from Kochi, and the canyoning site was very close to the Niyodo Adventure base.Everything you need is provided, and we always felt safe and cared for. We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to bringing friends with us next summer!

TripAdvisor Review - Wanderer82176
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